The New LIVE ONLINE Creative Photography Training sessions are conceived with the artist in mind.  Whether you are new to expressing yourself through photography or an established artist in need of someone to guide you back to your creative path, these sessions are intended just for you.

Although I'll be happy to address, to the best of my ability, any technical questions that might arise during the creative process, the focus of these sessions is on your creativity and artistry and not on how to use a particular camera, lighting equipment or software unless, of course, that is the subject of that particular course: Creative Lighting, Creative Retouching and, other classes I sometimes offer.


Finding or rediscovering your Creative Vision is crucial to strengthening your Artist's Visual Statement.  During these sessions we will explore the works of other artists, especially of those who "speak" to you and whom you might share your views with.  You will learn or re-learn your own visual language and try it out with the others in the course, if you joined a group workshop or, with me, if you opt for one-on-one sessions.


  • A CAMERA.  Anything from a phone camera to a professional DSLR.   NOTE:  You are welcome to use a film (non-digital) camera as long as you can digitize the photos you want to share online with the group/me.  Although you may change your mind or use different cameras during the course, we will discuss your first choice during the required Initial Assessment/Setup Session.
  • A COMPUTER with either Skype or FaceTime installed.  NOTE: For one-on-one sessions we will choose the platform that best works for you and I but, for group sessions, we all need to agree on either Skype or FaceTime.  We will do a test run during the required Initial Interview/Setup Session.
  •  A RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION.  We will do a test run during the required Initial Assessment/Setup Session.


GROUP SESSIONS meet once a week for 5 weeks. 5 two-hours sessions for a total of 10 hours of training. The group meets every week at the same day and time unless previously arranged otherwise by the group and I.  Next workshop date/time To-Be-Decided.
Important: a minimum enrollment of 3 artists is required for a group session to be scheduled.
ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS meet as previously arranged by the participant and I for a total of 10 hours of training.  The weekly meetings schedule is highly recommended but not required.  A week spacing between sessions has been proven to work well as far as completing assignments and pacing of the course go.


GROUP SESSIONS:             $350 prepaid in full for the entire 10-hours workshop.

ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS:  $650 if prepaid in full for the entire 10-hours workshop or,

                                            $100 per hour if paid in per session installments.

All GROUP SESSIONS fees are due in full before the first session unless prearranged with me otherwise.
ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS fees are due in full before the first session if opting for the prepaid price of $650 or, before each session if paid per hour.  Sessions need to be at least 1 hour and no longer than 3 hours in length and the $100 fee is per hour of training and not for the entire session.


  • SCHEDULE your free required Initial Assessment/Setup Session at my SCHEDULING PAGE. 
  • ATTEND your free required Initial Assessment/Setup Session.
  • READ AND AGREE to the TERMS OF AGREEMENT on the booking page before you pay.
  • PREPAY the workshop fees at my SECURE ONLINE BOOKING PAGE.
  • JOIN ME/US at our first scheduled session.


Although I feel more comfortable teaching in either ENGLISH or SPANISH, since I'm fluent in both languages, I also speak FRENCH and ITALIAN at a conversational level so if you are a French or Italian speaker, I'm sure we can find the way to communicate.